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Exercise and Wellness

The sauna is out of order. The yoga instructor is unwell. You need to inform the spinning instructor about the new spin bike. Keep it simple for yourself and consolidate all information in one place. It streamlines things for your team and enhances service for your customers.

The lifestyle of your organization

In training and wellness, we aim to convey a healthy and delightful lifestyle to our customers. They should be met with confidence and energy to continue being your customers. In a competitive industry, your organization needs to work collectively towards common goals and ensure that no matter whom your employee encounters, the interaction is consistent. Ngager connects your organization, allowing you to be an active and present leader while your employees create experiences that make your customers want to return. If you want to convey a lifestyle, your organization needs to feel as good as what it communicates. And that's where we become your perfect partner.

Motivate and encourage

Motivate, engage and interact with your employees. The success of a company begins with its employees, where you’re the key player in providing them with the right tools. Ngager is not just a system for your leadership success; it also includes many features that simplify the daily lives of your employees. With our feedback solution, you get close contact with each employee, where you can inform, exchange thoughts, and grow together. You become a unified organization, collectively motivated to take the business to the next level.

A better workout experience

You arrive at the gym, and there's still a note on your favorite machine saying, "out of service". You plan to use the sauna after your workout, but it still can't get warm. With Ngager, we simplify your incident reporting and turn it into a task list that goes to the right person. It's easy, it's interactive, and your customers will notice the difference. With our tool, we help you connect communication so that your customers come and train even next week.

Exempel from everyday life

Your new exercise partner

Ngager is the exercise partner for your organization's lifestyle. By connecting the organization, Ngager creates a unified and motivated workforce where you, as a leader, can be present and employees have all the tools to create the structure needed. Together, you create a workplace that instills confidence and trust in your customers so that they come to you when the next workout is planned. Reach out to us, and we'll tell you how you can develop your business with our tools!

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