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An industry where not everyone can attend Monday meetings. Where everything needs to happen the same way every time, and where diverse positions with different backgrounds require clear and inclusive communication channels. Ngager gathers all the knowledge your employees need. On their phones.

A community with those you never meet

A hotel is a dynamic workplace - around the clock, all year round. It places high demands on communication channels and information management. When new processes need to be shared or routines are updated, there must be a simple system that allows everyone to access the information. With Ngager's various information tools, accessibility is open to all, regardless of language skills or background. Ngager makes it easy to create a shared commitment, even with those you never meet.

Commitment to satisfied guests

In hotels with various employment forms and working hours, ensuring that the right information reaches the right person is challenging. Temporary staff and extra personnel need quick access to routines and processes. It's difficult to find out how employees are doing and how they can contribute to developing the business. Ngager reaches all employees, and with interactive tools, it fosters commitment for a better workplace and, consequently, satisfied guests.

Every team member in the know

How to fold towels, make beds, and leave a clean room. General cleaning routines couldn't be easier to convey, where videos and images make it easier to engage all staff, regardless of prior knowledge and time at the workplace. Our training function enables micro-learning and relevant courses, strengthening employees' skills and creating an engaged workplace. Details create the big picture - and Ngager is a powerful tool in that process.

Examples from everyday life

A catalyst for your potential

We are the system that activates and streamlines your employees. Directly on their phones, your employees get what they need for you to succeed as a leader and for them to reach their full potential. With Ngager, you will succeed in the details, ensuring your guests are satisfied with the overall experience. Sounds good? Contact us, and we'll tell you more about how we can help you reach the next level in your business!

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