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Our history

About us

Ngager comes from insights from the several industries and roles, where we have constantly lacked a comprehensive system to create successful employees. An engaged employee who has all the tools to succeed can be the smartest investment a company can make. And with Ngager, we have created a system for all these tools.

Our legacy

We have a diverse collection of backgrounds at Ngager - contractors, electricians, administrators, instructors, salespeople, developers and managers. What we have in common is one thing - that regardless of where we have worked, the manager's ability to communicate and engage with the employees has been a success factor.

When we look back, there have been certain workplaces where we have really felt good. Sunday scaries has never been a fact and it has been fun at work, with nice colleagues and exciting projects. Then there are the jobs that were just a pain - where you count the seconds until the end of the working day - but in comparison the tasks have actually been similar - so what's the difference?

Creating a thriving corporate culture is no easy task. And maintaining it is even more difficult. Support is needed that over time helps leaders to be present and engage all employees. When the employees feel important, heard and part of a community - it is only then that a company reaches its true capacity.

And that's what we do at Ngager. We lower your thresholds to a prosperous corporate culture, so you can reach your full potential. We help you to streamline, engage and interact together with your employees.

"When I was an electrician 30 years ago, I visited the company twice a year. During those times, I would listen to the CEO and the administrative staff. The rest of the time, I was out with customers. Today, we connect electricians with all other colleagues. Everyone communicates, interacts, and moves the company forward. Every day - and all of this on your mobile."

Pelle Johansson
CEO of Ngager