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Keep your employees connected and engaged

Ngager is the system that unifies your organization. Tailored to meet your specific challenges and industry, it's a solution that includes, streamlines, and engages all your employees, allowing you to focus on what matters.

For everyone on the team. Even those not at the office.

Ngager is a mobile all-in-one solution that connects all your team members – it's a toolset for employee engagement, activation, and teamwork. Our system alleviates the Sunday scaries for the workforce, providing you with close connections throughout the entire company and linking the workplace together. Whether they're at the office or out meeting a client.

The go-to system for your organization

Tailored to your challenges

The store with various employment types and communicative challenges. The restaurant with extra staff, and the hotel where everything needs to happen the same way, every time. Every industry and company has its unique challenges and requires a tailored tool that simplifies work. The strength with Ngager lies in our packages and scalability, where we tailor everything to your specific business needs. We assist you in having everything gathered in one place.

About us

Ngager is created from a collection of diverse backgrounds. We are electricians, computer scientists, CEOs, and gym instructors. Over time, we have worked in various industries and roles where we've observed that all workplaces that thrive, with satisfied employees, are in organizations with clear communication. Everyone is aligned, informed, and engaged. To cultivate such a culture, a tool that connects all employees is essential. That's why we created Ngager.

Our customers