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Our features

A toolbox with everything you need

Our features are developed in close collaboration with our customers, aiming to be the collection of all the tools you need to unlock the potential of your employees, whether they're at the office or meeting clients.

Our functions

With Ngager, we gather everything you need - we´re simplifying personal development plans, the entire onboarding journey, and creating engaging case management. Our features demonstrate two things - that we go a step further than our competitors and that we are a comprehensive system. With us, your employees have everything they need in their pocket, and you have all the tools to become a present leader with a thriving organization.

Animation showing the value of working together

Collaborate seamlessly

Elevate your work experience with Ngager's suite of tools for effortless file sharing, incident management, and streamlined workflows. We guarantee nothing slips through the cracks, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

File Sharing

Access all documents and processes from anywhere. Stay current with the latest campaigns, price lists, and procedures. Our mobile platform ensures organizational knowledge is at everyone's fingertips, whether switching kegs or attending a sales meeting.

Incident Management

Transform reported issues into opportunities to showcase reliability. Our incident management system turns incidents into actions, delivering them directly to the right person for swift resolution.


Our interactive checklist is your dependable ally, leaving nothing to chance. Optimize workflows, allowing your team to proactively meet and exceed guest and customer expectations. Say goodbye to paper clutter and missed tasks with our checklist feature!

Animation showing the value of caring for each other

Take care of eachother

Facilitate interaction and collectively set goals to propel business growth. Understand your team better with straightforward feedback channels. Ngager cultivates a community where everyone looks out for one another.


Our feedback function gives you access to insights - from your employees, your managers and even the manager's manager. It creates perspectives that give you deeper self-awareness and the keys to developing both yourself as a leader and your organization. With feedback from all sides, you get a clear understanding of your leadership.

Pulse Function

Check the pulse of your organization to gauge its temperature. The pulse function is more than a tool—it's a direct link to your team's well-being and satisfaction. Ask meaningful questions and receive honest, immediate feedback that makes a tangible impact for the whole organisation.

Goals and Development Plans

Establish defined and structured goals. The system serves as a reminder, keeping you focused on dates and accountable. Transform each day into an investment in your future success with tailored development plans and measurable goals. This feature catalyzes and accelerates your organization's potential.

Animation showing the value of communication

Boost your communication

Communicate important news within the company. Use social feeds and chats to simplify communication throughout the organization, or maybe just in the work group? Communicate, interact and engage with Ngager.


Simple communication where everyone stays up to date with what applies. Ngager redefines the boundaries of internal communication and knowledge sharing by delivering everything your team needs directly into their hands - wherever they are.

Chat and Social Feeds

Follow, interact and engage with each other. CEO announcements, important updates and matters of the heart now reach everyone, including part-time and hourly employees. Ngager becomes the voice that binds the company together and creates a unified organization. Now everyone is aware of the latest information.

Animation showing the value of training your employees

Empower through education

The system includes a platform for training, onboarding and knowledge tests. Build your own induction training for new employees and ensure the staff's knowledge of important routines. With the knowledge test function, you can easily monitor the team's skills and achievements.

Pre-, On-, and Offboarding

Your new employees quickly become engaged and part of the team with our system. A function that not only introduces, but integrates your staff into the company's organization and culture. Our process-controlled onboarding ensures that each new employee takes the step from new to necessary in a fast and efficient way.

Employee Development

Ngager provides engaging and effective ways to develop your team. Customizable learning paths empower individuals with the tools they need to grow and succeed. Enable your employees to evolve through relevant, applicable knowledge that directly impacts their performance.

Tests and Knowledge Assessments

Tests and Knowledge Assessments are the tool for measuring and quality assurance of the knowledge that is vital for your company's success. With this function, you can ensure that your employees have the right knowledge in business-critical aspects that are crucial for your company's operations. It's easy to track progress and ensure your training is delivering the right return for staff.

Our platform

We dare to say that we've created a comprehensive system that revolutionizes your workplace. It includes features that go beyond our competitors, serving as an enabler for connecting all your employees – both those working in the office and those meeting clients. A system that includes, streamlines, and engages. Want to see how the system looks in action or discuss how we can tailor it to your business? We're always here to help you on the path to successful team members and employer engagement!