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Cleaning routines must be maintained. Alcohol legislation must be followed. Guests should be satisfied. When routines and methods are business-critical, it's crucial that you, as the responsible party, are confident that your employees can follow them. This assurance is what Ngager provides.

All knowledge in your pocket

In an industry where many routines are business-critical, it's essential that the entire staff is updated on what's required. And when the business has long opening hours with varying shifts, it demands a system that is accessible and provides answers when needed. With Ngager, the staff can access updated cleaning and safety routines. They understand what's applicable for the day, and you can be free from worries about complying with all the regulations and processes that could potentially close your business. We are the tool that ties together all your employees so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Now everyone can change a keg

The restaurant industry often sees new employees who need to get to work quickly. With tools for fast onboarding, you can ensure that all your staff understands your processes, regardless of their length of employment. Knowledge is something that builds over time, but with Ngager, you can accelerate that time so that employees can focus on what matters to your customers. With our mobile platform, you can gather all the knowledge your employees need, so that when it's required, it's available at an arm's length. We usually say that now everyone can change a keg, as long as they have their phone with them.

Clear overview of the business

Many restaurants are open every day of the week, from morning to night. For you as the leader, it can be challenging to maintain control over your business when you're not on-site. With Ngager's comprehensive tools, you get direct communication channels with your employees. You get closer to the business and, consequently, your customers - knowing what's relevant at the moment. With interactive feedback tools, you can open a dialogue with your employees, creating a direct link to your team. Ask the questions that matter the most and get honest and immediate feedback.

Examples from everyday life

Tie your business together

Far too many restaurants today have a scattered leadership where knowledge resides with key employees. If those individuals aren't present, service and the customer experience suffer. Successful businesses have managed to create a positive culture where everyone is involved, knowledge is shared and everyone takes responsibility. Ngager is a simple way to create such a culture and tie your organization together. We have customers doing it today, and you could be next. Reach out to us if you're interested in taking your business to the next level!

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