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In an industry that never sleeps, a comprehensive system is required to connect your organization. Whether your employees are responding to alarms or engaging in customer conversations, everyone is linked - 24/7, directly on their mobile devices.

The system for the security industry

With security personnel working around the clock in various assignments, a support system is needed to provide both security for the employee and tools to keep the entire workforce updated. Ngager's comprehensive system ensures that all your employees feel heard and seen, whether working in the office during the day or on assignment with a customer at night.

Direct contact to your security guards. All night.

In an industry where employees are geographically dispersed, Ngager becomes the system that connects your organization. All employees have a system on their phones that creates proximity to both company leadership and colleagues. When your employees are on assignments in the middle of the night, they always have access to the conversations happening with colleagues during lunch. Through your employees, you gain contact and understanding of your customers' daily situations, resulting in a better understanding of your business.

Connect your organization

What distinguishes the security industry is its routines and processes, covering how alarms and emergency situations are handled and how routines are maintained to guarantee employee safety. Ngager is the tool to succeed in this. Your employees will feel secure at their place of work, never doubting that they have the right tools for the moment. At the same time, you create a connection to your employees, allowing you to follow up on routines, provide feedback and ensure that the right knowledge is in the right place. We are the comprehensive system that connects your organization.

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Our system increases your potential

We know we can make you a better leader and your employees more efficient and present. Ngager simplifies and clarifies daily tasks for leaders in the security industry. We help leaders establish connection to their employees, and employees appreciate us for streamlining and optimizing their daily routines. Are you ready to discover your organization's true potential? Contact us today to see how Ngager can transform your organization!

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